dog tote bag carrier

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dog tote bag carrier

dog tote bag carrier

got it for my mom. she received many compliments. i want one for myself now
A very good quality of the product is the catch line. Very smooth and strong. Build quality is really nice. Very nice to have around you fits perfectly in a pocket
Great ties, great quality, and an even better price !!!
Good quality
First wash and the cord broke. They fit was good. Need to improve cord.
Great cover for the summer!
Great for people with small heads .
These underwear are garbage. I am a real person who bought these and they are terrible. Not comfortable at all.
I read other reviews saying this thing was too large. I feel like this was made for a child! Feels like I am choking with this around my neck.
Cheap fabric, smell is bad, don't waste your money.
Great for work outs and good price
It has the right thickness for my purpose - to make face masks. Its soft, of pure cotton. I recommend it!
**CHANGING MY REVIEW FROM 5*s to 1** After having and wearing the belt for the 2 weeks I owned it, I actually loved the belt and the way it worked w the ratchet mechanics as I skateboard and my pants are ALWAYS falling down. W ONLY just under 2 freaking weeks of using it, I was literally just skating down the street and * *SNAP* is what I hear and all of a sudden I look down and my belt is no more! Whatever metal "pin" support piece that held it all together just snapped in 1/2 and flew, rendering it useless. I'm super super bummed that this happened bc I spent $15 on what I thought was a good quality and nicely made belt w high-quality materials. That is definitely not what I got in the belt which was going to be the ONLY belt I'd buy from now on every now and then for life! That's how much I liked this thing but not I'm even more mad bc I went to return it and the damn refund time period was ALREADY OVER! Which I think is bull, not once have I not AT LEAST had a month to return a product. Im writing this review of course to let ppl know NOT TO BUY THIS BELT, GO W ANOTHER BRAND AS IT LOOKS NICE BUT DOES NOT LAST WHATSOEVER! THIS REVIEW IS ALSO TO REACH OUT TO THE COMPANY. I'd be very grateful if they were to contact me about this issue & what seems like to me, about one of their defective belts. Anyways, that's my story with what happened with 1 of these belts and if customer service pretty much doesn't exist and if thet don't want to back up their product, I'd 100% say go w another choice for sure. I'll update my review to let you guys know if I was ever helped w the issue of it breaking/ not even lasting 2 weeks! If I hear nothing back I'm out $15 for a belt and have to look for another brand belt ASAP.
Our 4 year old just loves it.
I've been using my purse for some months now &it was worth it ! It holds everything I put in it & its little as well !
long lasting
Plenty of room, beautiful colors and amazing quality! I had my previous Vera Bradley wristlet for 4/5 years and it still was functional but just didnt look as pretty anymore. This was a great replacement!
These are the best pair of both made and quality suspender's that I have ever used in 20 year's

However, if you find them popping off and it seems they will not catch on or stay on if you have to much weight or downward force.
100% genuine
It is really hard to find a cotton shirt that feels like it's cotton and not some cheap, thin piece of cloth. These t-shirts have weight and substance to them. They just feel sturdy.
great quality at a great price. All are vibrant and beautiful.
Absolutely love this bag! I bought it for more of a bag to carry my wallet plus a change of clothes for my kids. Pockets are pretty spacious (can fit a sippy cup in side pockets with ease), the grey color goes with everything, big strap doesn't dig into my shoulder. Would definitely recommend this bag to others!
Very warm and built to last. Heavy duty. Great for work.
They are tough, darn tough. Comfortable and they with liner socks, I didn't have any blister issues. Even with 2 weeks of day hiking switching between a couple pairs, just a bit of rinsing and air drying each night and they did not smell.
My wife said I did good
Excellent just as described
Nice quality key tag!
Update 9/26: After a little over a month, one week past the date I could return the zipper on the replacement broke. Like the other, one side of the zipper turned sideways causing it to rip the zipper on the end. So disappointed!

I love this back so far it's very soft it's very roomy and it's comfortable to carry. It holds all my stuff and still feels pretty light considering while I put in a purse.

The first bag I received had a defective zipper, I filed a return that night they shipped a new bag the next day even before I took the old one to UPS so the customer service so far is great.

I've read some reviews where the customer say that the color has rubbed off, if that happens I will update my review.

The one thing that I wish the bag had its feet on the bottom to keep it from getting scuffed up.

I plan on ordering another bag in another color.échiré-Classique-détresse-Pantalon-décontracté