pet portraits uk


pet portraits uk

pet portraits uk

pet portraits uk Custom made pet portraits uk for you in just 1-2 days

pet portraits uk We capture your pet's unique personality and facial expression

pet portraits uk The most thoughtful gift for Pet Parents

Our artists use the photo you upload to pet portraits uk

Portraits are delivered ready to hang and will keep you and your guests laughing every time you walk by one of the portraits!

pet portraits uk

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pet portraits uk

pet portraits uk

This small purse has SO MUCH organized storage. Loved how carefully all metal pulls were wrapped (although the wrap was hard to remove).
The wallet is ok. It will serve the purpose but if you are looking for real "quality" look for a different product.
Very comfy. Happy I found it on Amazon cause I can't find this brand at any store.
This is perfect for keep my reading glasses right at my bedside table. Great communication from the seller and perfect customer service when my original order got lost in the mail. Thank you so much for replacing this item!
Update 08-29-19
Ordered more and these are not as well made as the ones 2 years back.
Less cotton and more nylon.
Thinner than older ones too.
Last time buying these.

Kind of tight
Size runs a tad small but workable.
Wash and dry and stretch out before putting away.
Ankle area kind of tight too.
Yes, I'm sorry to say but the quality has gone down. I bought these recently, and 3 years ago. The new ones are thinner and have a more pronounced plastic feel to them. I checked the material on both listings and they are the same. Someone is lying. I would gladly pay extra for the original socks I bought in the past. I guess its time to switch to another brand... Sometimes I really hate big business!!
Very comfortable and fits good.
Really a nice beanie. It's very warm being double layered yet not thick and bulky. It's also very comfortable and not itchy or scratchy. The weave is tight and it has plenty of room for all sized heads. It looks to be genuine by the label's color and the caps build. I'm super happy and will now order a few more for the rest of the family as this is the nicest beanie I've come across.
Inexpensive. Superb polarization, clear view. They are fantastic at cutting the sun glare.
Bought this after seeing it on a recommended list to use as a casual everyday purse that would still fit in my laptop bag.
For the price it looks and feels way higher quality than i was expecting. I get compliments on it everywhere. And was very pleased to see that it can survive an accidental soaking in coffee and subsequent washing on delicate/cold in my machine. however even if it hadn't survived i would still give it 5 stars and buy it again!
I like the length in the body part typical Carhartt quality!
So tiny
worst wallet
but lasted 1 wash n bottoms all had holes
Great quality great price
Most comfortable underwear I've ever put on, lol.
It works excellent nothing can get through the wallet
I was worried about sizes not matching up but I usually order large so thats what I did and the gamble was worth it the sweatshirt fits perfect also ordered a pair of pants in large fits perfect so the sizes are true to size in my experience I weigh 150 and am 511 and a Large fit perfect
Great fit, support but the tag inside was annoying to remove
love this wallet , it's holds all my credit cards. and more. I also like the color.
I've got oakleys, Maui Jim's, kaenon, ray ban. Love something about them all. For golf, I appreciate the non polarized versions that allow for better green reading as my course has speedy breaking greens.

Also, non polarized is the way to go in my small plane because of its flat panel avionics.

These wouldn't be for driving on a bright day.

What makes them so great? Golf specific lenses. I saw lee Westwood playing with these in the British Open and found them appealing. My oakleys were my favorite but I still hated wearing them for full swings because they distracted me. These don't! These are made by ski goggle makers who get the need for peripheral vision and it shows.

I have a relatively big head and face so take that into account. They have a smaller size that might suit ladies better. But I am really ecstatic to now be able to have sunblock for my eyes here in Southern California and not have to fiddle with putting glasses on my hat during swings etc.

I'm going to buy 2 more as soon as in publish this review!
I bought this as my everyday purse and was a little worried when it arrived because it looks rather flat in the packaging. But it fits all my items neatly and it stops me from putting too much crap in my bag, which is always hurting my shoulder. You can adjust the strap so you can use the bag as a crossbody bag. Overall i'm very pleased, though I can tell the fabric is cheap so I don't think it will last very long. We shall see!
Happy with my order!!!
We love them
Great fit
Great look
U can see the fish with these glasses
Very thin. My husband got some from Walmart that are way better.
These earrings are very classy with an appropriate amount of sparkle. Also, very lightweight. However, the clasping mechanism makes them horribly difficult to put on. I literally had to enlist help to fasten them.
Ive been searching for months for a bag like this! I love crossbody bags for vacations and nights out, and with some upcoming vacations I was looking for a bag that was stylish and functional. I like bigger bags that can comfortably fit sunglasses, phone, small wallet, hand sanitizer etc- i like to carry lots of necessities when Im out exploring. I finally decided on this bag and Im in LOVE. Its the perfect size, not too big not too small just right. The texture of the bag is gorgeous and so chic, the tassel is adorable and i love how the bag has some structure to it so its not just a saggy bag of stuff but an actual structured bag. The strap adjusted to the perfect length to fit across my body. It really looks like an expensive bag- looks like its worth way more than $20. I definitely recommend this bag, you wont be sorry!
Good price, correct sizing and fit, quality material and craftsmanship, color variety as pictured - 1 of each.
I needed a new wallet that would hold my ID, credit cards, shopping cards, and some change. This zips so that nothing falls out, it offers RFID protection, and it seems very sturdy. Very satisfied with my purchase.