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    make your own case for any phone

    Growing up, I always wondered why my father was so against getting a dog. I often heard stories about the dogs he had growing up, but when the thought came, no promises were ever made.

    When the time came for me to move away for College, the idea of getting a dog came up again, but this time I kept it to myself. I didn't have a whole lot of money at the time, so I opted for training a service dog.

    My time with Wilfrid is very vivid. For all the things I was known to forget, I remember a lot of good times with him. Bad times were harder to remember because we had so few. However, our year together flew by, and he was sent east to graduate Service Dog Academy.

    I sent him and his new pals at the Academy care packages here and there and even visited him during Graduation, but I knew my time with him was up. He was trained for Adults with Epilepsy at the academy and was now a working boy.

    Life became hard after that. Pressure from school rose, friends got busy, but most importantly, I missed Wilf.

    After about a year living like that, I decided to get a part time job and got me a cute little Rottweiler that I named Arnold (like Turtle's dog in Entourage).

    Life was different after that. It wasn't like my time with Wilf since there was no end date to our friendship. We spent more days being lazy at the student house. He enjoyed listening to one of my favorite mixes, Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 7, and especially loved the Korean Spare Ribs from a butcher I went to on special occasions. Its not surprising to say that everyday me and him had time to sit back and fire up the grill became a special occasion.

    I'm sure you noticed that like Wilf, my time with Arnold was written in past tense. He left this world 9 years ago, around the time me and my Wife got our first place together. It was a spacey apartment about 20 minutes from my parents, but no backyard for my bud meant it wasn't THAT spacey.

    I visit his burial grounds every now and then. Never on anniversaries because we never did things on anniversaries besides eat out of a tub of Mint Chocolate ice cream.

    I still do that, and even drop a little on the ground for my boy. It drives my wife insane but oh well. Just chalk it up to memories and inertia.

    That is why I began doing this. My wife would take me to Paint Night every now and then and one day I thought of drawing both Wilf and Arnold in that portrait from the Stepbrothers movie. They weren't brothers, but their relationship to me kinda felt that way. Both gave me unconditional love, just at different times of my life.

    Nowadays, I help people like you find a way to cherish and remember those furry pals that shared your life with you. I got the Royalty idea because my boys were my Prince's, just like many girls out there are Princesses in their own home.

    Remembering those dearest to us is never easy, my father eventually told me that he didn't want another dog because he couldn't take losing another to old age. It took time, but eventually I got old photos of the dogs he had and made them into the first few portraits of the Royal portraits you see us make. After giving them to him for Christmas he, for the first time ever, said he cried tears of joy for the life he had with them.

    Like the saying goes, They will never be gone if we find a way to remember them, which is why I ask you to let me help you remember your pets forever.



    & please write to us about you and your pet(s), we greatly appreciate them and read each and every one.


    make your own case for any phone

    make your own case for any phone

    Love them. It says large frames but they are really aren't.
    I've never used a sun hat before.
    Took this on a two week hiking trip in the deserts of Utah and Mountains of Colorado.
    I absolutely loved it.
    I was not looking forward to slathering up with sunscreen when water was limited, and no showers for days.
    This kept the sun off the face and shoulders an I didn't use sunscreen for the whole trip.
    It looks better on the head than the pictures show, its light weight and drys fast.
    Others in the group bought Sun hats and they were jealous of my Outdoor Research.
    Love it!
    Comfortable. However did not receive the color chosen
    Great "retro" pair of sunglasses for the price!
    Overall great product. While it's not a conventional wallet, it does what it's supposed to. It's minimalist figure is great and that's the best selling point along with RFID protection and the money clip. The only drawback is that it takes some getting used to, but give it some time and it definitely grows on you. It also looks great since it's genuine carbon fiber!
    Good service, good fit
    Very cheap quality, they shrink so much just after the first wash. Very thin compared to other Hanes I buy in store.
    Glasses were made of good quality and the packaging was nicer than what I would have expected with sunglasses at this price. I use them for fishing and they really help to see underwater cover
    Very comfortable, good support and light weight.
    I bought these for my husband who DESTROYS his clothes constantly. He works in a labor intense job and he needed some good work pants. I've bought these for him before which have lasted over 2 years so I purchased another pair which he loves! The only complaint my husband had was there wasn't enough pockets for his taste.
    The were really awesome
    My wife had to cut the sleeves off 4 inches and hem them. It is unbelievable how long they are. The quality of the shirt is the same as the two other mfr's that I bought. If you have extremely long arms...these are for you.
    This is a real nice pair of sun glasses only had them a few days I'm very happy with this purchase
    Nice light hat with big brim. This is my second one of these. Wear for work in hot sun.
    Cheap thin material. Looks okay though.
    Crazy fast delivery
    They fit my waist good but not my thighs
    I only trust these
    White t-shirts in a bag. There's like seven of them in there. You ever owned a white t-shirt? Then you probably know exactly what these are and how they work. They got that good chemical stink straight out of the bag that makes you want to wash them before you wear them, even though they'll be the cleanest looking shirt in your drawer for the next few weeks. Maybe I'd buy less of these puppies if they came in lemon yellow so I could look past the gross armpit stains that will inevitably form after only a week or two of stress/anxiety sweating in them at work. The taglessness is nice, though. Thank goodness they got rid of those things. My only complaint about this product is that the guy on the front of the bag makes me feel like an ugly loser, and that's no knock on the product or the nameless guy. Respect.
    Of course my daughter loved these!
    This wallet arrived as depicted in the picture . Overall, it looks great and definitely holds all of my cards securely. The money clip works as well. I will mention that if you have a TON of cards, this might not be the wallet for you. The pockets only allow for 3 cards max without putting additional strain on the material . I'd say if you have over 10 cards this wallet will not work.

    Also, comes with a 1 Year Warranty! Can't beat that.
    Light weighted pretty ear rings.
    Great pair of sunglasses. Comes with a hard case, a soft case, & lense cleaner
    They fit well and are very comfortable.
    it is so simple yet so perfect
    Great wallet! Ive received multiple comments on how nice it is and nobody can believe it was from Amazon!!
    Bought these for my daughter, because I like that the bottoms won't show dirt! She loves them because of the cool colors. Fit great. Have ordered twice to have a lot in case one goes missing!